Hamworthy changes boilers in Langham Hotel

Replacement boilers for the Langham Hotel in London’s Regent Street were selected for their ability to be broken down into modules and brought up stairs to the rooftop plantroom. Hamworthy Heating supplied 27 ModuMax modules, each rated at 250 kW, to replace 2 large shell-and-tube boilers.

The previous boilers were set up in the late 1980’s and were considered unlikely to last for another heating season. The hotel required a reputable product that might match the heat demand.

Steve Collins of Kontrax Management, who defined the boilers, describes, the modular option allows this, and utilizing multiple boilers increases system security an important element for a hotel which can’t lack heating or warm water. With gain access to challenging and space in the plantroom tight, the modular, vertically stacking design indicated Wessex ModuMax boilers were best matched to this task.

The new boilers were set up in stacks of three and can be denied to less than 1%, compared to 50% for the previous boilers.

The new boilers offer heat for the 380-room hotel and are the heat source for clarifiers for DHW.

The brand-new boilers were installed together with the existing boiler for a smooth changeover with no loss of supply.